Sunday, November 8, 2009 update.

well, wouldn't you know, it has been many months, many memories, and now there is much to say. here are some photos to tell you what we've been doing.

A stylish Miss Emily shows off her new suit.

twirling always makes it better.

a happy ending to a happy day
lady liberty

ALOHA little lady
hawaii family
pumpkin patch fun
cute little piggy
the elmo princess

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ok, ok ok sorry. it has been too long!

Here's a picture from tonight. Miss Emily has her very own cupboard in the kitchen. Every day, multiple times a day she unloads it and makes a mess. She loves it--and it is pretty funny to watch. It can entertain her for hours. litterally.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

my favorite routine

I'm not too big into routines. However there is one routine that I look forward to every day. That is the "putting miss Emily" to bed routine. I love it. I look forward to it everyday. It is perhaps my favorite part of the day. It is just me and her. Every day but one since April 12, 2008 I have had the honor and privilege of putting her to bed.

Let me take you through our nightly ritual:

First it's bath time... She absolutely loves it! She loves getting all dry and snugly in her bath towels. This one is fun, however the bunny towel is her favorite.

Then she gets dressed for bed, however often she hates putting on her jammies. She's fine once they are on and snapped up.Then we make her room all dark, and sit in the rocking chair and I feed her...
and I pray for her before putting her in her crib...

then she gets all wrapped up in her wearable blanket and lays on her back surrounded by pacifiers so she can find them in the night...
Then she assumes her very favorite position: her tummy in the corner...
I treasure these times with her. What joy she brings.

Friday, November 21, 2008

a gorgeous gold dress for the little beauty

We have had miss emily dedicated twice. once when she was about 3 weeks old, and the other time was about 3 weeks ago. miss emily looked cute as ever after we got home from church and took some pictures of her in the back yard.
She's a cutie:

Where have your shoes gone?

The other day, miss emily came home from Nana's house wearing something very special, my (Heather's) shoes from when she was 7 months old.
I have seen these shoes from time to time around my folks home and imagined someday having my daughter wear them. I had long forgot about that when miss emily came home. But, when I saw those shoes, it was a little dream come true, I had a daughter, and she was in my shoes. pretty fun. Thanks to my mom, for keeping them in such perfect shape, for nearly 29 years.
My mom also has kept some of my baby dresses, i await the day miss emily comes home with one on too. What a fun little things to do.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Trying to do it all?

So, in my atempt to save some cash, and do what is best for Emily I am atempting to make my own babyfood. I got up early on Saturday and hit the local produce markets, including Growers Direct, to buy the freshest produce I could. I returned home to a beautiful Emily watching Higgleytown Heros with Caleb Clements. When she went down for her morning nap, I went to work in the kitchen. I went crazy is more like it. I got out all my supplies and worked fast, first was spinach, steamed and pureed it, got it just right and poured it into the awaitng 4 oz jars. Next was a 5 pound bag of carrots to peel,cut,steam,and puree. Then the peas. Then the green beans, then finally the sweet potatoes. Then Miss Emily woke up. Finally I was done packaging, and labeling my work, I wonder how long this supply will last me?

in the garage freezer

Sunday, November 2, 2008

September in Review

Still trying to catch the blog up to speed, I'll recap September one of the highlights was having our friend Trever come over and take some pictures of us. Here are a few of our favorites. You know you are working with a genius when he gives you these great pictures on a day when Emily was super fussy.
Enjoy these:

Trever Hoehne is really amazing!